The act of making the spot so lit. Can be done by loud music, someone’s drip, etc. The energy in the room may literally make the room shake.

Pop smoke raps “shake the room” because all the attention in the room is on him and he can turn the spot lit as soon as he walks in.
by real lit man July 14, 2020
The term "Shake the Room" or "Shaking the Room" actually refers to sending bullets into a room by way of gunshots.
As Quavo raps in the Pop Smoke song "Shake the Room":

How 'bout I shake the room? (shake it)
Chopper gon' sweep the broom
Everybody runnin' and duckin', I'm clearing the room
Shoot one time, seeing double time, like you on shrooms (shoot, shoot)
On the other line, it's a Facetime, say a nigga on the news (brrrrt)
by juiceSZN August 28, 2020
Means The Room Is Gonna Get Shot Up.
Stop playing with me before I shake up the room” “Pass me the gun I’m about to shake up the room”
by NYC President April 6, 2022