Shaina is a friend who will always be by you’re side. She’ll be there through thick and thin no matter what. She is someone you would want to spend the rest of your life with. She’s someone who’s gonna be 100% with you all the time. She’s someone to love and cherish. Shaina will not like you she will love you.
Francis is an asian kid that has a lot of respect for girls. He can get all the girls, but loves to be with just his love. Joshua is a sweet funny guy that you'll want to spend the rest of your life with, who also brings out your naughty side. He's adorable, cute, and amazing. Life has no meaning without him. If you ever find a Joshua and you fall in love, he will stay with you no matter how bad things get. He loves making you smile and he loves how much you love him.
They're a match made in heaven who will stay by each others side.
Shaina + Francis Joshua is a match made in heaven.
Have you seen the Shaina + Francis Joshua couple? They really make a great match.
by aina_6298 September 1, 2022
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shaina is the the type of person who gives good advice because of everything she’s been thru. she pulls a shi ton of guys but only sticks to 2-3 of them. it takes her a while to get over someone but when she finds someone better, she can move on fast asf. she’s fast asf boi. (troy <3) only has like 2 best friends, but has multiple others on the outside. she has goated taste in music and tv shows. shaina can also read you like a book the second she meets you. she loves the cold and when it rains.
M.S.- i used to like her but now i like natalie
T.R.- shaina likes me now f off 😎
by urrmomlolll March 4, 2022
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shaina is like an essential life force. she's like the sun, no literally. she's always happy, cheering people up and actually still chill. if she disappeared, the world would literally collapse. like the almighty necessary element that makes everyone feel better
by ANIME ADDICTION October 11, 2021
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A girl who is a big yamhead. This is a girl who allows her toxic significant other treat her like garbage continuously in hopes they will change.
Why do you keep being a yamhead Shaina?
by geniusfrl June 13, 2022
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