shaina is the coolest girl you know. she is kind, smart, funny, beautiful and lovable. you would much rather hang out with her than anyone named sabrina, sophie, sophia, lexi, orly or noa.
hey do you know where shaina went i want to go hang out with her
by pumkin349 April 2, 2019
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When someone invites them self into your home/apt. The origin of this phrase is someone that is unvited barging into your place, but it can also be used for a planned visit.
“We had plans to meet 11pm, but 10:15pm rolls around and I find my friend sitting in my living room uninvited

“You gotta keep your door locked so people don’t Shaina themselves into your place”

— — —

“Hey wanna chill later?”
“Sure I’ll leave the door unlocked, just Shaina yourself in”
by Rivercest November 7, 2017
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The perfect couple you will ever meet in your life. If you meet one, go up to them because they might just make you the 3rd.
You saw that Shaina+Jason couple right? Kinda cute tbh, especially the Shaina girl’s eyelashes.
by bunnyhead October 11, 2021
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a shitty couple that fuck every night where the husband has a hole in his head and the wife is a dirty slut that is pregnant with little hunter and the bestfriend of the husband trynna smash the wife
shaina+josh is a good couple to have
by Josh Hunter April 12, 2022
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Regurgitating a very common opinion, but making it to sound like you must be the first person in the world to say it.
Ethan: "Did you see that dude who posted, "Just a reminder guys! Covid-19 is still a thing!!!""
Nick: "wow hahah Shaina Pilled amirite?"
by largo dicko September 10, 2020
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Two people that are perfect and fuck each other for hours and will always love each other
by Hemroides December 11, 2016
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) People who wear the nirvana t- shirt but doesnt even know the band

2) A girl who writes shane in her own shit while she sniffs her finger
1) did you see that shes such a dirty shaina, she doesnt even listen

2) my daughter pulled a dirty shaina tonight
by P-wordStank65 April 17, 2020
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