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In Life, evolution is the process of change in the traits of a person from highschool to the next. The Shaikh Potential Theory deals with the idea that a woman who may appear unattractive in her early stages of life will turn out to be beautiful in the future. The theory explores the idea of finding "potential" in these future hot women and becoming friends with them now, in their least attractive form. So when they reach their potential, the lucky person who befriended her, now has a beautiful female friend. Thus earning himself the respect he deserved but never got from his peers.

Shaikh Potential Theory: There are two major mechanisms that drive the Theory. The first is face, a girl with braces, acne, or bad hair is usually a canditate for the Theory. One must look past these imperfections and discover the beauty 4 or 5 years from now. Secondly, the body is important, if shes over weight or lacks nutrition and needs the right amount of meat? go for her, be friends with that. Since losing weight is easier than losing ugly.
An example of the Shaikh Potential Theory is Ugly Betty or the chick that played Velma in the Scooby Doo series.
by Daniyal Shaikh September 06, 2008
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