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A super fat being who's sex is still unknown. Though some people claim to have seen breasts on the creature, scientists across the globe have agreed that these are most likely deposits of extra Big Mac fat, and lies. Shahzis thrive off of the confusion and pain of small impressionable girls, which is why most of it's victims are between the ages of 13 and 16. Shahzis specialize in creating outrageous stories and fake situations, and making their chosen prey believe in them. Shahzis not only conjure up fake situations for their current prisoners, but for themselves as well. These creatures seem to use their prey not only as a form of terrible fun, but as an audience. The sad truth is, Shahzis are very ugly lonely creatures. They make up these stories about themselves because in real life they can't get any action no matter how hard they try because they are so unattractive that all potential mates run away screaming at the thought of having to touch a Shahzi. Within the research of the sex of a Shahzi, the private area most resembles a vagina, but even some of the best doctors and scientists in the world cannot tell for certain due to the fact that this supposed vagina is gut-wrenchingly distorted. Shahzis are disgusting pieces of work with no lives or real friends and should be avoided at all times. Unless you really can't help it, because it's just too damn funny.
Tips on avoiding a Shahzi:

* Be sexy. Shahzis are afraid of this because they are the opposite.
* Don't move. It can't see you if you don't move.
* Avoid McDonald's. This is a Shahzis domain. Even though they are supposedly vegetarians.
* Keep your friends nearby. Shahzis become unable to perform sufficiently when others can detect their lies.

Nicknames for a Shahzi:

* The Fat One
* Veggie Mac
by Bekorox March 03, 2011
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