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Loved by many,a very good hearted man,loves to help people and make people smile through hardships.
A little bit stressed minded but cares for whom he loves the most,faced many obstacles and many problems in life but lives simply as a kind gentleman in society,a well addressed and humbled minded.
He is also funny with some lame jokes but makes moments as memories and known as the best caring men,loves to spend time with babies and be grateful to his family.
'Shahzan can you help me carry these bags please,sure ill carry and help you out madam'
by William Jameston August 26, 2018
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1) A Guy who is usually rejected by most women solely due to his looks

2) Someone who identifies himself to be straight despite being gay due to the fear of coming out of the closet
A) John: Why was Michael all weird yesterday?

Sam: Well, he was shahzaned by the girl at the bar. Poor him

B) Will usually shahzans himself infront of his mom as she’s religious and he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings by coming out as gay.
by Gro-054 April 23, 2018
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