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A fearsome critter from American folklore, the shagimaw has the front legs of a bear and back legs akin to a moose. It is renowned for walking upside down for a total of 440 steps, and then walking upright for another 440 steps, thereby creating trails which easily ellude lumberjacks. Why lumberjacks, you ask? Because, like many creatures of American mythology, the shagimaw is known only to eat woodsmen. Source: Walker D. Wyman, 'Mythical Creatures of the U.S.A. and Canada.'
Herb: Ben, did you know there's a half-bear, half-moose walking on your ceiling?
Ben: Yeah, that's shagimaw, or 'Shaggy' for short. He's harmless to us because we're not lumberjacks.
by Killy_ October 25, 2011
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