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A officer of the World of Warcraft guild known as Exo or Exodia. This being normally lurks on Exo's vent and can generally be found leading raids, if Exo has enough online. While leading raids Shadowsil tends to hold his breath and speak for several minutes at a time. Because of his lack of changing tone, Exo members tend to zone out while he is talking. His nonsensical ramblings can be funny, yet annoying at times. When talking to Shadowsil he seems like a nice person, but is most likely planning your demiss behind your back. He tends to lie, so it is best not to trust him with anything.
Exo member 1: Shadowsil told me he has my back.
Exo member 2: What? Just yesterday he told me you were probably going to be kicked.
by imsolost December 03, 2006
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