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Shadia's are the types of people who get sad easily. They get depressed about things, but they always seem to have a smile on their face, and make the best of their situation. She is usually very strong, but can sit in her room and just cry for hours. They are very beautiful on the inside and out. They are very caring and kind people. They are the types of people that their boyfriend's parents would like. Shadia's are very humorous and can light up a room just by their smile. If you know a Shadia, keep her in your life, because she is not worth losing.
"She is so beautiful, she is definitely a Shadia."
by ceemmkk March 10, 2013
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worrying to a point that is not healthy and can cause bodily harm. Crying inappropriatley, panic although known to improve with time.
girl fell in the pool and had a shadia
by amy1234 September 20, 2007
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