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When someone offers something when they get up, and the (shaboozer) declines, then once the offerer has finished, returns, or sits down, the (shaboozer) then changes his/her mind, forcing the offerer to double the action.

Shabooze / Shaboozer / Shaboozed / Shaboozist / Shaboozle / Shaboozing
Example 1 -

Michael: Yo, anyone want a beer?
Jason: Nah
....a moment later Michael then returns and sits down with his cold beer...
Jason: Oh man, yeah I'll have one, cheers.
Michael just got shaboozed.

Example 2 -
Marie: I am making a cup of tea, anyone want something from the kitchen?
Rebecca: No thanks I've got my water.
...A moment later Marie comes back with a tea, and settles down at her desk...
Rebecca: Oh actually is it to late to ask for a coffee? I'll have a splash of a trim milk and 1 1/4 sugars.
Rebecca was the shaboozer.
by dillydelly February 03, 2010
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