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1) A stylish way to write shit. 计 is a Chinese character but looks like it. Can be used when chat has a swear filter.
1) In WoW
Dabest_Pwner: Hahahaahah! Attack me and you get pwned! Haha run away Orc cowards!
JustaWoWplayer: This game is hard! I keep getting pwned by them Orcs! This game is sh计.
Dabest_Pwner: You must be Asian?
JustaWoWplayer: No I'm just trying to write s***.

2) IRL (in real life)
Gangsta: Man this is hard. The police are everywhere and we ain't gonna escape them popos. What loads of shit. Can't they stop sticking their noses in our business?
Crime Boss: Well well well. If they gonna catch us we gonna pop their ass! We'll show em who's boss!
by Urbanned December 14, 2015
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