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Seymourzizm is the belief that the universe is only a single cell in a massive organism which is also just a single cell in a massive organism until you reach the top which is seymour and his son fred. Seymourzizm teaches that every cell is infact a universe. Seymour just sits around with a never ending cup of coffee and a never ending piece of toast on a floating couch watching daytime TV (e.g. O...prah, Dr. Phil, Judge Judy) with his best buddies, Gandhi and Zeus. Sometimes they'll all play Uno, which was invented by Zeus, but Gandhi pwns everyone when they play it. Except this one time when Seymour beat Gandhi for 5 games in a row. Seymour's Brother, Simon, is a rather unknown person. It is thought that he is like Seymour, except with his own set of universes inside of him. Some also say that Simon is Evil whereas Seymour is Good. When you do evil things, you please Simon, however this theory is disregarded by the fact that Seymour doesn't care.
Seymourzizm is the only religion in which you go to a sandwich parlour on a tuesday
by Animorphs March 09, 2014
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