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a very sexy group of friends who live in wallawalakimbobsalooser and always hang out and make facebook videos together and just have fun in general
i wish i was in the sexy 7 they always have so much fun
by Maty.Conrad May 07, 2009
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The sexy 7 are referred to as a group of girls who think they're better than they actually are. They like to think they're the hottest people in the school and that everyone besides them are assholes. Most likely, at least 5 out of the 7 will not become successful later in life and will most likely become drug addicted prostitutes. They "drop" people from their squad, meanwhile the main problem is one of the girls in the 7. Not to be confused with The Sexier 7, who are actually sexy.
Tori: We're the Sexy 7 so we are automatically better than everyone else
Literally Everyone Else: Shut the fuck up
by tacomallshark September 25, 2017
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