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A man who uses his cunning, wits and personality to attract women, he usually has no sense of shame or fear and will approach large groups of women by himself. The Sexwolf is usually very hard to reject and always has a comeback response that can turn the tables in any social situation. Unlike other men the Sexwolf rejects the idea of materialism and often doesn't care about his appearance preferring shabby clothes and no shoes as a way of challenging his social skills. Often Autistic or mentally ill but very intelligent the Sexwolf uses his mental illness as a commodity in social situations. The Sexwolf is often misunderstood, although the Sexwolf does approach many women and is driven by Sex the Sexwolf is looking for something a lot deeper, unlike most men who will only approach few women and settle/fuck whoever accepts him, the Sexwolf will approach/interview every woman available to him often saying things to trigger certain behaviours and exploiting there personality beyond there fake mask they wear to discover who they really are, if a Sexwolf says something to a women and she rejects him based off what he said, she has in fact failed his test and the Sexwolf will not be interested even if she does warm up to him. The Sexwolf prefers to attract women to his consciousness above anything else.
Girl: 'I have a boyfriend!'

Sexwolf: "Oh WOW! I have a dad! I fail to see how that's relevant though?"

Girl: "hahaha, your funny but I really gotta go home and get ready for a party tonight"

Sexwolf: " Aww sweet I'll come!!

Girl: (laughs)'what!?'

Sexwolf: "I'll only cum if you cum"

Girl: (smiles) 'Ok! if you want?'

Sexwolf: "What's your faxnumber then" (hands her phone) "04?"

Girl: 'haha I don't do fax" (Writes In Number)

Guy: "man did you see that guy approach those girls in kmart, asking that hot chicks mum for her hand in marriage"

Guy 2: "Yeah dude what a legend!"

Guy 1: "Such a Sexwolf"
by Jamie Fletcher666 October 04, 2017
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