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To be pleased in a sexual manner; to be sexually satisfied.

To fuck until you are too tired to fuck anymore.
I don't have a problem with showing her the definition of sexual pleasure any and every time se wants; demonstrations are free.
by Anarchist0128 June 23, 2010
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The pleasure a girl has befor or after having her orgasm
Next time your girl asks to fuck show here this because she's feeling Sexual pleasure in her body
by Game mode 0 September 14, 2016
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Orgasims after orgasim and cum lots of cum
After the End of class
Sexual pleasure Group Chat
Kayla: Hey James I heard you wanted to have sex with me Maya told me...
James: Yeah do go to the dark class room were no one can see us or we can go to my house if you want to:)

Kayla : sure thing if we can have a 4 some with the new couple Maya and Mathew

After they meet Kayla takes all of her clothes of so does James Kayla’s Rita are huge and the tits need milked James milked them with pleasure

They have annul sex James dick is squeezing inside Kayla’s tight ass pussy kayla moans in pleasure while James cums in her ass her pussy squirts in craving more orgasims. Every day Kayla and James does this.

1 month later .....

Kayla: JAMES you got me fucking pregnant im not ready to have a child

James: well it’s ours....
Maya: wow I can tell your relationship is Ether going up hill or going down. Mathew: wow she guess’s it sooo easyly
After that child was born she was put up for adoption and they all have a foursome every day
by Nottheparrishgirl1 May 26, 2018
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