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Sexing lingo is used when sexters are too damn lazy to type the real thing. Mostly used by lazy ass teens that are trying to be sexy or trying to keep the stupid shit away from they're parents or teachers. The sexting always gets out in the end but nobody gives a shit enough to try and decipher the sexting lingo.
Many parents are afraid because they don't know Sexting Lingo but it doesn't really matter because most kids don't know it either.
by oceancats February 13, 2017
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Sexting lingo is acronyms used in teens while sexting such as CFMN, GNOC, kitty, banana, or DUSL.
CFMN- come fuck me now
GNOC- get naked on camera
kitty- vagina

banana- penis
DUSL- Do you scream loud?
**Based on a real chat- sexting lingo

Girl: Hey babe why arent you home yet??? cfmn!!!
Boy- DUSL? haha
Girl- i wanna see your banana
Boy- you have a smooth kitty
by moomarzjade July 21, 2014
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