The predicament one find's oneself in when displaced from one's room because one's roommate is utilizing the afformentioned room for carnal pleasures, (sexiled) and must find a way to pass the time until the room becomes unused again.
I was nailing my girlfriend with the door locked and sexiled my roommate for the day. He spent his sexodus watching Tv in the lounge with our hallmates.
by forty5calalawson September 22, 2009
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The exodus of a group of three or more individuals from a social gathering for the purpose of the hosts sexual endeavor.
The party was fun but ended with a sexodus.
by Sethro April 23, 2006
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That time on (usually) Saturday nights at approx 1am when nightclubs empty to about half capactiy when all the lucky ones leave to have sex making it easier to spot the singles.
Right it's the 1am tombola now the sexodus has occurred.
by Argentina Smoke October 21, 2009
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