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Pronounced (sex-i-free-ka-lish-us)

(1.) To be super sexy while maintaing a slightly freaky nature.

(2.) To be sexier than the laws of human nature usually allow.

(3.) To possess an excessive amount of sexual appeal to the opposite sex.

(4.) To be of a semi-freak nature in the sexual department.

Synonyms---There are currently no known words that are equal in meaning to sexifreakalicious.

Antonyms--dull, boring, horrifying, missionary, desireless, disgusting

Related Words--sexy, freaky, appealing, semi-freak

Common Misspellings--freekilishus, freakilishus, freekalious, freakilious,freakilishous, and freekilishous
Examples for the proper usage of this word include:

"That girl is so sexifreakalicious!"

"Oh my gosh! That guy has sexifreakalicious control over my body."

super sexy freaky sexual nature appeal semi-freak
by AngelEyes71049 May 27, 2011
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