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When you are on a MISSION to have sexual intercourse with someone.
Dude i can't take it anymore!! I'm going on a sexhibition to bang Brittany!
by lockenload23 November 30, 2016
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Sexhibition, the most awesome sex event in the UK - possibly the world.
"Karen, leave your knickers at home, we're going to Sexhibition."
by BooBooBamford May 25, 2016
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To want to do a sexual act to someone. To Express the sexual feelings for someone in a sexual act. To make one feel like no other while doing a sexual act. To want a sexual game or act from someone. To be apart of a sexual act. To be some what public about your sexual life. To Express your sexual life with the public. To be proud of your sexual life.
"Tonight when i get home i'm going to turn you on by giving you the best sexhibition ever" Karen and alex video taped them selfs having sex and put it on the net and now everyone saw how they had sex. John spoke to me about how he had sex with a girl the other day and told me everything he did with her. Mike really likes Jen so he worte a note to her telling her what he could do sexually to her. Jen wanted to express how she felt for her boyfriend so she did a sexual act to him. When ben turned 18 he wanted to show how good he was at doing a sexual act so he became a porn star. Ryan is proud of his sexuality and wanted to express how proud he was so he speaks about hes sex life
by Ryan Swayze August 25, 2007
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