A terrible afflication that causes the sufferer to yell out obscene language uncontrollably during sex. It is most prominent at the point of orgasm.
Him: You love that don't you baby.
Her: I'm gonna cum, oh fuck, fuck, shit, fuck, fuck me, fuck me, fuck, fuck, shit, fuck
Him: Girl you got serious Sex Tourettes!
by TrickyDicky1980 December 14, 2012
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The uncontrollable shouting of vulgar language during extremely enjoyable sex.
Girl: "Oh Sh*t... Oh Sh*t...Oh Sh*t... D@mn... Fuc% Me!"

Boyfriend next day to friend: "Man I hit it hard last night, she had Sex Tourette's."
by Hazel Baby January 20, 2009
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When your sex partner, that normally doesn't partake in sexual "dirty talk" (they may even normally find it degrading and disgusting), begins emitting nasty words without control. It’s almost as if they have gotten a temporary case of Tourette’s syndrome. It’s just that it all feels so damn good that’s all they can say. Hey, we’ve all been there!
Hey Jim, I musta really had my mojo workin' last night. My normally cadaverous librarian girlfriend had a case of the sextourettes while we was doin' it. I didn't even know she knew some of those words! Damn, I'm still trying to figure out what I did so I can do it again. So's she!
by Schmackie February 06, 2008
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the act of a woman or man, who swears uncontrollably while orgasming and continues to do so.
she had sex-Tourette while orgasming! ... she said "holy shitmongers you fucking asshole!"
by kenobisan February 21, 2014
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