A deep and longing fellowship with three or more cisgenger men. This is Relationship so deep that it is comparible to the act of sexual intercourse.

This can also be explained as "Relational Intercourse"
Dave : Man, did you see all of the boys and how close knit they are ?
Jim: Ya, I heard they practice Sex With the boys quite often
by M718 October 15, 2018
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boys who think that sex is good 24/7.
all teenage males that are sex boys
by baby bobs March 7, 2009
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an extremly GAY boy.
a stupid fuck who should DIE DIE DIE
doesnt even appreciate that hes a sex boy.
so is not sex boy anymore
youve been replaced,nigga!
yeah thats right
K thanks
ew,sex boy,ew,s.b,ewwwwww

die die die s.b die!
by mintt&ashtray April 3, 2005
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a very big fan of booba sex in arknights
Rave_dovob is a huge arknights booba sex fan boy
by AverageSpooner April 20, 2023
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