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Sex Ghost:

A sex ghost is someone who talks up a girl at a bar or club, proceeds to go back to the girl's place for a glorified grope-fest, and in the morning when the girl wakes up, there is no trace of him...merely the ectoplasm that he leaves in his wake. During the sleeping hours, under the cover of darkness, he tip toes toward the door and exits abruptly, making nary a peep.

The most notorious sex ghost hails from Clarence, NY and is rumored to haunt girls in and around Boston, Mass.
Girl: I had a one night stand last night...I think. ..
Friend: you think? Well who was he?

Girl: I'm not sure. He was gone when I awoke.

Friend: are you sure it wasn't a sex ghost?
Girl: iunno, maybe?

Friend: did he leave a wallet? Phone? Note??
Girl: No, just a slimey residue on my comforter.

Friend: without question a sex ghost haunting!
by Sex Ghost June 22, 2014
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