An incel that is as hideous as Pennywise, but only goes after perfect 10s.
Frank's got a face for radio, but it doesn't stop him from going after the most attractive women in the room. He's a sewer clown, 100%.
by 806toATX May 15, 2020
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A most foul creature who likes to refer to himself as a "pretty pretty sewer clown". In fact, he is a ugly mother fucker. Assumes and believes that everyone is indeed crowning and/or having abortions. Loves harassing teenagers in the middle of productive conversation. Enjoys shoving dangerous items such as (a cactus, sunflowers, cats, your mom, chainsaws, chainsaw dildo's, paprika, ect...) into his or yours rectum/anus/vagina/penis hole/dilating nipple/mouth. Does not go away even when pressed with criminal charges against minors for sexual harassment. Think's everything you say, is a sexual "come on". For example: "Clown go away, we hate you more then anything in the world" "Oh yyeaaaa". If told to leave. He uses such phrases such as "Fuck you, your crowning" "Fuck you" "Fuck you, your having an abortion" Fuck you, your pre-cumming" "I'm back bitches!", "Shut up fuckers!", "Fuck your ass" "Fuck you, fatty." "I am clown" "I am pretty pretty clown" "You are ruining MY conversation." "Motherfucker" "I'm gonna fuck, -insert name here- " "'GUESS WHAT!?!?' 'what?' 'YOUR CROWNING'" Sounds of an old pedophile man who smokes too much for his own good. All in all, is a piece of shit that should just die and not live anymore. Beware : of the clown. and "FUCK YOU!" This is a very offensive term. Calling someone a clown or a crowning clown and or Sewer Clown, is VERY offensive. User Desecration is Advised.
Pretty Sewer Clown, crowns.
by InnocentCaller May 22, 2011
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