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Sevinch is a rare Turkish female name (Sevinç) that means joy, happiness and pleasure. She is usually outgoing, smart. attractive and trustworthy. She has a beautiful body, warm eyes and a pearly white smile that makes you feel like she's a longtime friend. Her parents love her unconditionally, therefore she gets whatever she wants and is very spoiled with gifts. She's usually very kind and loves to laugh, but if you get on her bad side she will be your enemy sent from hell. She might forgive peoples mistakes but she never forgets and always gets her revenge. A Sevinch gets every man she wants to fall crazy in love with her but will never feel the same way back. She knows when and what to say and doesn't trust anyone but never forgets your secrets.
by THEOPHANES August 03, 2013
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Sevinch is a Turkish female name. Sevinch is a fairly pretty girl. She seems to hate a lot and gets mad at people for something she did. She doesn't forget other people's mistakes until she spills her revenge on them. She can be really nice, but chooses not to with some people. The circle of friends she usually hangs out with is the "popular group", therefore she's a wannabee.
Guy: HEy Sevinch!
Sevinch: Heeeyy! Wasap?! How u been?

Then comes up her old friend. (Lily, for instance)

Lily: Hey Sevinch! Remember me? We used to be BFFs in 2nd grade?

Sevinch: no i dont remember u..and what about you come up later..cant you see IM BUSY talking here?! Leave!

Guy: Ok girls gotta go..
Sevinch: NO! where are you going? we didnt finish talking yet!!
by маxим September 17, 2012
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