Little pussies that rely on banding together for support against the OG eight graders.
Gosh i fucking hate those stupid Seventh Graders... sticky bitches.
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a seventh grader whose cock is as long and thick as the average to large adult
"I used to only come around for George senior here," said the prostitute to her friend, "But i can tell you by expereince that the boy as already outdone his daddy."
by Clare..and of course..eric too. December 28, 2004
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Pyle 7th graders cant go 20 minutes without getting in fights with each other. The girls are innocent and the guys only want to hu but they all think they're 16 years old. Every Monday they come matching in their new bar mitzvah sweatshirts, and post when its 4:20 on their Snapchat stories. They hang out at football games, Starbucks, and sneak into each others houses.
Pyle Seventh Graders: Yoo its 4:20
Pyle Seventh Grader #2: you tryna put that on snap?
by pylesucks October 10, 2019
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The act of a certain group of youngins' getting a little too comfortable with each other. Each others rear end in particular. Regardless of whatever anyone says, this happening is a fact.
Yeah when i came back from that dance i was like, "ahh sheit. did i just go all casual seventh graders on that guy?"
by Have you checked your pants October 25, 2009
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