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One of the greatest films ever made. Involved Seven Samurai defending a small Japanese village from a large group of bandits. Directed by Akira Kurosawa.

Stars Toshiro Mifune and Takeshi Shimura who have appeared in other great Kurosawa films such as Yojimbo and Ikiru.
Seven Samurai - A movie for true film fans, not ignorant LOTR fans who refuse to acknowledge other films because deep down they know there are much better films such as this one.
by BM December 9, 2004
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Boring movie in black and white. Many hail as "greatest movie of all time," yet give no resoning to support this claim.

Probably really awesome in the olden ye tymes what with the minimal amounts of fake blood, but now it's... dumb. Seriously, people. It was terrible.

WAY TOO LONG. Could have been at least an hour shorter.
I told my parents to wake me up when something intresting happened while watching Seven Samurai, and they never woke me up. Because they fell asleep too.
by theshinykitty April 11, 2005
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