Person 1: Have you heard about SeungRi? The maknae in Big Bang?

by xbigbangisvipx June 15, 2009
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But Seungri or what about Seungri is a phrase that Kpop fans uses when one of their faves do something problematic and they want to redirect the attention to Lee Seunghyun to take the attention away from their faves.
*someone doing something problematic and being punished*

some kpop stan : ok but Seungri did worst and he's still free.
by mapsosa July 11, 2019
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The maknae of hot korean boy band Big Bang who underwent the Longbottom Effect wherein he started cute and awkward then freaking evolved into a major hottie. Luckily his personality remained quirky and cute! Usually found making people laugh, being a hot CEO, speaking over four languages, beside G-Dragon (leader of Big Bang, super hot, belongs to Seungri and vice-versa), being beaten up by TOP, being annoyed by Taeyang, being twirled around by Daesung, and/or in G-Dragon’s arms.
Person 1: Why can’t you marry me?
Person 2: Because I want to marry SEUNGRI

Person 1: How many languages can you speak?
Person 2: Around three or four.
Person 3: You’re such a Seungri!
by My Bias Deserves Everything March 31, 2018
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This bby be from South Korea. He is fabulous and you know it. *snaps fingers* King of selca's. One time his hyung's no talk to him so he free fall from apartment. He belongs to the hair changing extraordinaire Gdragon. He big fanboy. Fanboy president of the following clubs: Big Bang, Seungri, Justin Timberlake. and he be a panda
Fan 1: You know Seungri?
Fan 2: Ya, he so cute. but he belong to gd *floats into sun*
by oppas-eyeliner June 27, 2013
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Seungri means VICTORY

Victory: an act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition.

Some synonyms: Success, triumph, conquest, win, successful outcome, positive results, achievement
Person 1: Hey seungri just got a victory against all his antis

Person 2: his name isn’t seungri for no reason
by Imqueennique May 7, 2019
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The maknae (youngest) of the world famous South Korean boyband, BIGBANG. The current punching bag of South Korea’s political mess. The money maker of all SK media. He is currently being bullied by antis. But he remains on unbothered. He is a talented singer, DJ, dancer and a successful businessman. His name means VICTORY. He is also called V.I. and PANDA. He is loved by VIPs.
Seungri is Victory.
by Can’t handle me September 13, 2019
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X:Seungri is a r@pist piece of sh!t
Y:Stfu misinformed
by bangbongg December 22, 2020
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