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One of the smallest towns in Southern Illinois. Known for it's meth heads, volunteer firemen, and pregnant teenagers. It's a black hole of white trash and racist, hypocritical Christians.
Girl: You ever been to Sesser?
Boy: Yeah, the only place worse than Sesser is Christopher.
Girl: Oh, snap!
by youyouyou86 March 09, 2011
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Can be used as a noun, adjective, and verb. Sesser is a small quaint town full of vibrant citizens. The local attraction is the Casey's gas station. Public urination is encouraged in the small village of Sesser. Visit Sesser today for a grand wholesome time with friends and family!
Noun: I cannot wait to buy property in Sesser!

Adjective: Dayyyummm did you see that girl? She was so Sesser.

Verb: We Sessered so hard last weekend. That girl with 3 teeth Sessered my Sesser all night long!
by Mr. Sesser August 09, 2012
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