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A school consisting of egotistical, thrasher wearing, penny board riding, ped gang joining, soon to be frat boys, and ass out short wearing, titty showing, nude sending, dick sucking girls. Teachers are dtf you on the low. Your grades don’t matter if you’re on varsity, and it’s ok to fuck in the bathroom, and DO NOT forget about Vape Nation baby we gotta smoke up in the bathroom too. We are the pride and joy because we’re better then everybody else. God bless ‘merica
Betty: The kids at Sergeant Bluff Luton VERY High School just make me sad. Those children need some Jesus in there life
Linda: Haven’t you heard?
Linda: They’re trying to build another school to make more of them.
Betty: Oh Lord! May god be with them.
by littlekittymeowmeow July 17, 2018
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