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A state of being reached during one's pursuit of an orgasm, in which your toes are curled backwards and the expression on your face is most likely ridiculous. There are many stages of seot ranging from low, semi, mid, near and full; full-seot being the ultimate level of tranquility and semi-seot being a total fucking rip off.

-Seot is a term used to describe the intensity and quality of the "limbo" experienced between the beginning and the ultimate climax of intercourse.

-Seot is the word "toes" spelled backwards.
Billy - "Yesterday was awesome , I had Sarah up against the wall and we were both in full seot."

Oliver - "Daaaaaaaaaaam."

Sarah - "Sure I had an orgasm, but the rest of the time I was stuck in some scary limbo where I couldn't reach any level of seot."
Maya - "Weak, thats like a tootsie pop with no flavored coating."
by Ima Sicko April 12, 2010
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Poster 1 - Does my ass look fat in these pants (pic in thread)
Poster 2 - Yes. Lose some weight you fat bitch. SEOT
by Geordiedan November 02, 2006
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Sexy and Hot: Used only to define a significant other.
Mike and Jen are very seot; they are sexy and hot.
by Jen January 20, 2004
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