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A friend of Kerrigan and Ark in Legendary Frog's flash videos. She is Sal's girlfriend.
by Muffingirl September 26, 2004
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she is loved by everybody and everything. Especially her best friend Amanda. She has beauty beyond godliness. Her bum is plump af with some big ass melons as tits. Shes shy when meeting new people, but as soon as she gets comfortable with them she becomes the love of their life. The people that are lucky enough to get to know her are usually the happiest people on earth. Shes the greatest and usually like great artists like: michael jackson, biggie smalls, sza, frank ocean, khalid, and much more.
Do you know what letter "sΓΆtis" starts with? S . Same as senya

OMG have you met that new girl senya? She is sooo beautful!
no i havent but she seems nice
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