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The most dreaded project given to the Senior Class at Coram Deo Academy. The assignment is that the student choose an author and then do a ridiculous amount of research and writing about this author to present to the class. The ritual takes place in this order. 1) Present bound annotated bibliography as a sacrifice to appease the teacher, 2) Pray that the PowerPoint doesn’t screw up, 3) spread treats among the class to suppress there criticism, 4) give your lecture for 55 minutes. This assignment is used to create a “Dementor” effect on student. The project feeds off the happiness of the student leaving them with a hopeless amount of stress and biographies.
Person A: “Hey! You coming with us to see the movie tonight”
Person B: “Nope. I have to work on my Senior Author Presentation”
Person A: “Oh yah. I forgot. Maybe we can do something after its over.”
by hodiedodie April 17, 2010
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