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Semi-Educated is a term used to describe people that have achieved a certain level of education and then decided they are better than those who have not been so fortunate. This position can usually be identified by the rather unsavoury and ignorant views expressed by this supposedly educated individual. An example would be someone like British Reality Television celebrity, Katie Hopkins who, according to Wikipedia, states that she was educated at University of Exeter.
Example: Katie Hopkins, despite naming her own child India, controversially stated on national television – that she would not allow her children to be friends with someone whose first name is a geographical location.

"I believe the reason for Katie’s belief is that anyone with such a name is unlikely to get very far in life, no pun intended. Katie also expressed her disapproval of anyone with the name Tyler or Destiny; giving Katie visions of a socially excluded single mother screeching the name of her child across the council estate play park." - KIJO

Another example would be an educated African-American individual who moved out of the ghetto community and suddenly sees him or herself as better than the people living back in the ghetto. These educated people will make fun of people with stereotypical ghetto names like De’Shawn or Le’Queisha, distancing themselves from such people, believing them to be inferior. This state of being is semi-educated. There appears to be no effort to understand or have empathy for the uneducated and/or socially excluded individual or even to try to remember how it once felt to be in the same position. The Semi-Educated individual is a damaged individual, usually stemming from a painful memory of the past or an injustice experienced. This problem can generally be treated with therapy on healing their unhealed parts or by further education on the issues identified. - KIJO
by KIJO October 29, 2013
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