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The act of exploiting ones self for ones own gain. A social influencer in this day and age, who uses ones own identity and/or character for financial or influential gain. Usually at any cost, even at the cost of their own detriment.
It's cool in this social media world people can make their own content and make their own money enjoying the fruits of selfsploitation instead of working for someone else, being exploited, and getting a small portion of the revenue after they put in so much work.
by O.D. Sanchez January 13, 2019
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selfsploitation - the incessant act of self exploitation and promotion using any and all means necessary; up to and including cashing in on any bizarre or freakish traits that one may already possess, because, after all - who doesn't love a circus?
1. He took his stuttering defect into comedy, deliberately selfsploiting for cheap laughs and free drinks.

2. Determined to prove a point, she aims to be the queen of selfsploitation; the Pamela Anderson of autism and sex, a beacon for freaks and geeks everywhere.

3. His good looks and love of fighting (but total lack of fighting ability) were opposing and worthless qualities independent of each other, which he managed to selfsploit into a successful acting career nonetheless; all without ever having to learn to read.
by T. Sunshine Love May 04, 2008
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