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A mental condition in which one stares at their selfie too long, causing them to have low self esteem.
"The longer I look at my selfies, the uglier I get."
"That's exactly how I feel. I have extremely low selfie-steem."
by Gib$ter March 04, 2014
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The amount of satisfaction one has with their performance of taking a selfie
It took Harris twenty pictures to get a mediocre selfie, lowering his selfiesteem.
by flynnmutt June 29, 2016
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The self esteem derived from praise and positive comments after posting pictures of one's self (selfies) online in social media forums.
She only posts those photos of herself to boost her selfiesteem.
by JOATMON December 23, 2014
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Taking consecutive selfies without wearing makeup or adding filter for the approval and acceptance of others. Being comfortable and accepting of ones own self enough enough that altering your own appearance is not nessasary.
Sally was acting silly, she took a photo to embrace the moment and share her happiness. Sally has #selfiesteem
by suicidebyuzi May 06, 2015
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