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A Selfie-Aholic is usually found with a smartphone glued to ones hand And making a duck face or some other type of face. Most selfie-aholics are 12-25ish. More and more teenage girls are becoming addicted as we speak. They tend to spend a lot of time on twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.
Person 1: "Why does that girl keep making really fucked up faces like that? Is she okay??"

Person 2: *looks over at the girl and sees the iPhone she's grasping onto. * "Ah no.. It seems she is a selfie-Aholic".
by Mermaid😘 March 27, 2015
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selfie + -aholic

selfieaholic (plural selfieaholics)
1. A person who enjoys taking selfies in various occasions.
2. A person who likes to express themselves through selfies.
3. A person who strongly desires selfies.
Mary is a complete selfieaholic! She never misses an opportunity to take a good selfie!

Tim is a selfieaholic, he enjoys taking selfies of his family and friends, and everytime he can!

I'm a selfieaholic, I love taking selfies and seeing other people's selfies.

We are interested in tech news about selfie, because we are selfieaholics.
by Vanessa Marmo October 02, 2016
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