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The preference or habit of fapping to ones own selfies.
As a selfie centered individual, Mike preferred to look at his selfies while fapping.

During handshakes with snakes on Wednesday, Mike was thankful to be Selfie Centered, because his partner was a BagHeadβ„’Β©.
by Iphigenia Aubergine June 01, 2016
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Can be used to describe people, most often girls, who take and post a ridiculous number of selfies to their social media page(s). Often indicative of self-centeredness, conceit, and/or underlying low self-esteem and the need for praise and validation from others.
I was liking that girl until i saw her Facebook page with hundreds of selfies on it. I just can't date someone who is so selfie-centered. It's a deal-breaker for me.
by WinterArmageddon February 06, 2015
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