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An adjective used to describe a bro who has become aware of the fact that he is a bro. An amalgamation of "self-aware" and "bro."

This state of mind regularly coincides with the bro realizing that certain aspects of bro-culture are somewhat undesirable or offensive to most of the general populous. As such, many of those aspects, such extreme-aggressiveness, a super-inflated ego, throwing greek shit in everyone's face, and general douchiness are typically lessened or even absent when "self-browareness" is achieved.

While these negative traits are often lessened, most of the bro-qualities that do not directly impact other people remain. Partying, substance-use, excessive pink-polos, anything rugby or lacrosse, and a female-level of attention to one's own appearance are all bro-characteristics that remain largely unchanged when becoming "self-broware."
"So the the other night, I was drunk as fuck and hyped up on like 5 Xanax and I punched some tri-delt bitch in the face for sayin avicii's better than mah main bro skrillex. Bitch had it comin but then I spent the night in jail. I realized it was time for a change and I achieved self-browareness."
by Don Miguel The Best April 08, 2013
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