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The name given to a person that chooses to complete random tasks to perfection, but lacks the ability to perfect or even attempt the other necessary tasks in life. A Selective Perfectionist has the full potential to do everything "just right" but chooses to waste all of their time perfecting something else when other things require attention. Also known as procrastinating.

See also: Selective hearing
Example one:
John: *In an over-enthusiastic voice* "I just spent 7 hours at work today organizing and perfecting some file drawers, I even re-color coded everything and put it in super-alphabetical order"

Diane: "Well that's great for you John, but have you done your laundry yet or taken out the garbage?"

John: "Uh, no."

Jane: "You're such a selective perfectionist. I want a divorce."

Example two:

Mom: "Jeffrey, have you cleaned up your room yet or packed for the Florida trip?"

Jeffrey: "Not jussst yet. See, I was playing Spore and I started creating my creature, then it needed wings, and I thought some horns would look pretty cool. Then I just had to give it some big eyes and razors for feet. And..."

Mom: "For f@#$ sake Jeffrey, you're 24. Put down the video game and turn your selective perfectionst attitude towards things that need your attention, like your room, or a SHOWER. I need a drink"
by itjustclicked May 08, 2010
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