A measure of distance used while traveling, which is how far a person can see from their current location before the road/path/river takes a bend and you can't see further. For example, from where you are at a given moment to the bend in the road is one seit, because you can "see it". The second seit starts where the first seit ended.

Pronounced "see-it". Seits are always measured in whole numbers, like two seits, ten seits, etc.
We're about three seits away from camp.
by jon_p49 March 15, 2020
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the baddest wog in the south.. wears a bumbag and a v neck to show off his mad hairy chest.

When he sleeps he snores car noises, and dreams of "da bitches"
all the maria chicks wanna suk his dick, but he needs a hair cut
also is a chronic swearer
Seit- "yo you fucking dick head cunt how are you"
Person-"good now that im with youy seit"
Seit- " fuck you cunt"
by Joel Ricky Anthony Umut Enes October 4, 2010
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Getting to a belligerent level of intoxication in which one is unaware of his/her surroundings and is incapable of rolling a joint
"Did you see Lamar last night? He was really fucked up!"

"Yeah, Lamar definetly pulled a seit."
by bostonian22 December 24, 2013
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