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A name given to Sega of America by players of Phantasy Star Universe, one of Sega's games. The 'c' suffix is a reference to a brand of items in the game, called Kubara. Many of the items are named after an actual item, but the name will end with the letter "c" (such as Rifle and Riflic, or Machinegun and Machineguc). Players use the name 'Segac' instead of 'Sega' as a way to say "Sega of America is a knockoff of Sega of Japan", when they grew tired of Sega's exceedingly awful service of overseas games, like lack of content in the US PSU that was in the JP PSU and similar.
me: Looks like Segac was too lazy to add full voice acting for the localization of Phantasy Star Portable 2. This has got to be the dumbest thing I've heard. Sega of America, sure, they've screwed up a few times, but they're trying to please you bitchy why-don't-we-get-what-another-country-gets assholes with these funky events, and all the lot of you do is BAAWW about how you didn't get what you wanted. They're trying their damndest to pull their asses out of the ground, and all you do is whine at them because you think you know exactly what's going on down at Sega.

But hey, you're the suckers throwing money at them anyways, so you're just as much an idiot as them.
(By the way, I'm playing for free right now. Which is all it's about worth right now, due to it turning into White Beast Online(quoted from Uncle_Bob))

As for specifically "Segac", seriously, what the hell is this about? Based on Kubara products because they're knockoffs? What the hell is Sega a knockoff of? It's stupid.

Sheesh, I've never heard such idiocy since Runescape and WoW.

by KamiKazeKenji September 27, 2010
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