a word commonly used by speakers of Nigerian Pidgin, to represent a situation where a person loses or has lost respect from one or more people, due to prolonged proximity.
That small boy no dey respect me again, na see finish de worry am
by smart dave December 30, 2019
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To be taken for granted .
Mostly caused by opening up about your problems or being in close proximity with people who can study you and take you for granted
Abu: Olly abeg I need one favour

Olly : Abu abeg I no get money to borrow you

Abu: ah ahn , I never even tell you favour

Olly : Abu na you na , Person wey everybody don See Finish
by Alade November 16, 2021
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See Finish is phrase popularised the Nigerian Mudician Dapo Tubums featured by Mayorkum in the Year 2021. The pidgin term 'see finish' loosely translates to 'to have seen it all'. It is used to describe a situation where two or more people have become too familiar that the boundary of respect or tolerance is pushed or totally shattered due to prolonged closeness or proximity.
That your guy has no respect for you again, na see finish de worry am that oh.
by Makoo36 January 2, 2023
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