2 definitions by Makoo36

1. Koalas are indigenous to Australia. It is an animal that spend 20 to 22 Hours in a day sleeping.
2. A person that is suffering from sleeping sickness or loves to sleep more.
1. Sloth and Koalas are similar when it comes to sleep.
2. Terry is a koala when sleeping.
by Makoo36 May 21, 2021
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See Finish is phrase popularised the Nigerian Mudician Dapo Tubums featured by Mayorkum in the Year 2021. The pidgin term 'see finish' loosely translates to 'to have seen it all'. It is used to describe a situation where two or more people have become too familiar that the boundary of respect or tolerance is pushed or totally shattered due to prolonged closeness or proximity.
That your guy has no respect for you again, na see finish de worry am that oh.
by Makoo36 January 2, 2023
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