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This word concisely explains the process in which a woman reduces a man's thought processes and willpower to a level she can control by her practice of the seductive 'arts.' This is a low form of exercising control/influence over others and is primarily engaged in by women with little to no self-respect, and no respect for the man in question.

Raquelle: What's up with Johnathan? It's like his logic hopped the first train out of town! He is going against everything he ever said he wanted in a woman. He acts like "Monsieur Love," yet he has nothing to demonstrate concrete reasons for this change of mindset.

Michael: I've thought about that, read the signs... and between the lines... and firmly believe he is a victim of seduction reduction.

Raquelle: Ah, me! To be reduced so small my something that promises much but leaves emptiness in the end! May he come to his senses yet!
by Belch Queen June 16, 2019
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