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An improvement of New York City's public transportation that has been desperately needed since it was first proposed in 1919, the Second Avenue Subway still inspires manic laughter and searing anger in many at its mere mention. Persons living on the East Side are, naturally, most susceptible to such fits as they are psychologically unbalanced from riding the city's most overcrowded and unreliable subway line on Lexington Avenue. New Yorkers may recall that this line was promised some 50 years ago as a replacement for the decommissioned elevated trains on the East side; some may even recall the $500 million bond issue approved in 1951 for its construction that rapidly disappeared into the black hole of kleptocracy that is the New York City government. More colossally embarrassing than even Boston's Big Dig, the Second Avenue Subway, which will supposedly be constructed by 2011, may yet come to pass and restore the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans. The more likely possibility, however, given Mayor Michael Bloomberg's judgment that the city's most pressing transportation problem is that residents of Queens don't have easy access to an imaginary stadium on the West Side, is that the Second Avenue Subway will remain the unicorn for New Yorkers who have been screwed for over 50 years.
New Yorker A: "Second Avenue Subway."

New Yorker B: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my God, you're hysterical."
by Chipper Manhattanite July 07, 2004
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A reminder on how slow and incompetent tha City of New York and tha MTA is when it comes to building long-term public works projects. Fiorello LaGuardia and Robert Moses were responsible for tearing down tha 3rd and 2nd Aves. elevated lines and fucking over tha Lexington Ave. subway commuters in tha progress with third world style crowding, while promising them a Second Avenue Subway. Construction began in tha early 70's, but tha City got fucked with a fiscal crisis and only unbuilt portions is what remains of tha Second Avenue Subway today.
Tha Second Avenue Subway will be constructed at tha end of 2004. Too little, too late.
by Omega Death November 15, 2003
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The result of left-leaning transportation policy that effectively stole the systems built by the BRT (BMT predecessor and Pennsylvania Railroad affiliate) and the IRT by Mayor John "Red Mike" Hylan--all over the nickel fare. It took less than 30 years to build the complete IRT and BMT subway and El systems, less than 10 to build the IND, and forever to construct a simple two-track subway under Second Avenue. Ohhh, had the Ellsberg Law never been passed...
"Hi, its best for the state to run the subway, so we can maintain the nickel fare." Wait--now that we own it, we can raise the price and reduce the service? Great--left-leaning at its best!
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