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A social disorder common to residents of Western Washington State, and the city of Seattle in particular. People suffering from Seattlitis display many of the following symptoms:

1 -- Overinflated sense of self-importance, and a condescending attitude towards others.

2 -- Lack of desire or ability to initiate conversation with new people or to make and keep friends. Commonly caused by a combination of the above mentioned self-importance, and a tendency to become sucked into the dramas of one's own life and hobbies (which may involve a group but which never ever involve people in the group bonding with each other or becoming friends and spending time with each other apart from the activity).

3 - A superficial facade of politeness donned by a person to mask a rootless, yet powerful disdain for the one they are conversing with, most likely rooted in the superiority complex mentioned above.

4 - Initiating conversation with a stranger for no reason other than to tell them an odd factoid or pay a compliment, asking them if they have plans for the day, and when the stranger indicates that they are free, immediately excusing one's self from the conversation or otherwise snubbing them or flaking out of actually committing to spend time with them at any future date.
Examples of Seattlitis in action:


Girl : "Hey there, that is an awesome shirt!"
Guy : "Thanks, it's from The Netherlands. I got it on my last trip"
Girl : "I love The Netherlands so much, it's been a long time since I've been back there."
Guy : "Yeah, it's a great place."
Girl : "So, what are you up to today?"
Guy : "Oh, I'm just going out to get some coffee."
Girl : "Cool. Well, have fun with that!" *Walks away*


Guy # 1 : "Hey man, what's up?"
Guy # 2 : "Not much. I had a date last week with that hot girl I met."
Guy # 1 : "Cool, so how did it go?"
Guy # 2 : "We made out all night, and it was really hot. She didn't want to let me out of her bed the whole time! The next morning she was all like 'Let's get together again!'"
Guy # 1 : "Awesome, so when is the next date?"
Guy # 2 : "Never. Bitch has Seattlitis. She flakes out of every suggestion I make."
Guy # 1 : "Sucks, dude. So, what are you up to this evening?"
Guy # 2 : "Not much. I don't really have any plans tonight."
Guy # 1 : "Oh well. See you later!" *walks off*
by Seattlite August 30, 2007
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