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1. Someone who gets seats to a concert or show and brags about where they are sitting to everyone when no one else really gives a fuck.

2. Someone who bitches and complains when they get free seats to a show or concert and the seats are not good enough for them

3. Someone who would rather sit by themself at a show or concert in a closer seat rather then enjoy the experience with friends etc from a seat that they might not like as much

4. Someone who is constantly given free tickets to shows or concerts but never gives the people who gave them tickets tickets in return. Someone who never helps the people who gave them tickets get tickets either. Someone who just uses people and sucks value from people who have tickets but has no intention of giving others tickets or value in return.

5. Someone who has grown to expect people to give them free tickets to shows or concerts because they are so use to getting tickets from people, but they totally take it for granted. They completely freakout and go hysterical when they have to pay anything for tickets because the person who use to give them tickets no longer gives them tickets, because they are tired of giving them tickets for years and never getting any tickets in return. The person gives them tickets for years but the person they give them to never helps the giver get tickets and sometimes just gets tickets on their own and goes in without returning the favor.

6. Similar to a winesnob but relating to concert or show tickets instead of wine
Lana is such a selfish seatsnob, no wonder no one ever wants to give her tickets anymore!
by Selfish seatsnob May 21, 2009
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