One of the 11 Spicers of herbs that KFC let loose on the world to produce alternative facts to demonstrate that the media has it wrong on the KFC recipe and all of Trump's ideologies.
Sean Spicer your salad with alternative american pepper which is organic and saves the world from the middle east inporting spices and terrorists.
by SliceofJesus February 5, 2017
*Sean Spicer operates weaponized podium at Glen the reporter*
by Desmond Thrithri March 13, 2017
Part of Speech: Verb

Definition: To use the power of bullshit to turn a blatant lie into a fact.
At first they didn't believe the sky was actually a dark shade of magenta but then I Sean Spicered the shit out of the situation and all of them suddenly believed.
by Sml_Yng March 21, 2017
A boss who demands the impossible and believes it can be done.
Dude, boss be spouting some serious Sean Spicer today, he wants all the work done by noon, but insists it is the highest quality.
by Sean Spicer February 23, 2017