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Sculptures by the Selective

An Australian event held on beaches, including Cottesloe, WA, where disabled people are only allowed access two days out of fourteen.

Ensuring that the beach matting is only laid out on those days prevents 'visual disruption', according to the organisers, and has other tangible benefits including minimal environmental disruption because it is only open to cripples on weekdays.

Next year the organisation plans to further develop their commitment to exclusivity by targeting and discriminating against other minority groups who may be visually disruptive due to their skin colour, flamboyance or utterly unacceptable forms of clothing that may reflect a person's culture.

In 2019, Sculptures will introduce the 'Sculptures ban the Sarong' campaign so that beachgoers and artists will be less distracted by potentially visually disruptive beachwear.
'Sculptures by the Selective will maintain our commitment to exclusivity by only providing access to white cishet men with suits and post-nominals.'

'We hold our commitment to ableism close to our hearts. In a perfect world, someone would make sure marginalised populations were excluded even more, but we've only been able to manage twelve days.'
by Some Kind of Superstar May 11, 2018
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