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A person with little to no intelligence who's only goal in life is to spread their stupidity. All scrubmuffins are shit at life, and will therefore just shit all over everyone else's lives. Scrubmuffins will spend more time speaking sarcastically than sincerely, and many scrubmuffins will just sporadically switch between their plans for modes of transportation to places, disappointing and frustrating those around them.
That Luke kid is such a scrubmuffin. He told me he was going to catch the bus home, then he didn't.
by Theonetruekentuckywildcat March 28, 2015
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Gaming Term: meaning a player who is complete trash, and is not even close to good and never will be.
"That guy is a complete Scrub muffin. He should uninstall."
"Look at these Scrub Muffinz, they are so bad they should just quit life."
by Tennesee 'Church' Fafard July 09, 2013
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a guy that has potential at first glance but is just too damn dirty close up that you could ever consider him as a viable dating option
cindy:"hey look at that guy over there"
margo: "ewww are you serious that guy's a total scrub muffin!"
by dana and linh January 26, 2004
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